4 Types of Home Exercises You Can Do to Maintain Your Fitness During a Pandemic

4 Types of Home Exercises You Can Do to Maintain Your Fitness During a Pandemic

The conditions during a pandemic that make us have to be at home, of course, greatly reduce the activities we usually do. If we usually go to work or other activities, our bodies move a lot, but now it is inversely related. Don’t let this condition just pass you by. Because if the body is rarely moved for activities it will decrease our body fitness. Of course we really don’t want this. Doing activities at home, of course, shouldn’t be a barrier for us to stay in shape.

Exercising is one way to keep our bodies in shape. During the pandemic, exercise at home can be an alternative for those of you who want to keep a fit body. Here are 5 types of exercise that you can do at home to keep your body in shape during the corona virus pandemic

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One of the simplest sports you can do is yoga. Do yoga with simple movements, this will make it easier for you to do sports at home even without a special companion. Yoga movements are useful for regulating your breathing. In addition, this exercise can also be useful for stretching muscles and burning calories. Instead of just sitting at home, try doing yoga to keep your body in shape during a pandemic.


Running can help train your heart strength. With running, your breathing will be more trained and your heart rate can be stronger too. If you usually run outside the house. During a pandemic, try running on a treadmill instead. However, if you don’t have treadmill, then run at a quiet time so that there is no transmission of the virus like after dawn. Running burns quite a lot of calories and this will balance your activities while you are at home.


Doing aerobic exercise can be another alternative for those of you who want to exercise while listening to music. This one sport is energetic and stimulates the agility of our bodies. You can search the internet for various types of aerobic movements along with songs. Just allow about 15 to 30 minutes for maximum results. You can do it with your beloved family to make it more exciting and fun.

Jumping rope can be an alternative prayer if you are lazy to run. You only need to provide a rope of about 3-4 meters. Try to do this exercise for 15 minutes. This exercise is very simple and easy to do at home. However, it is better before doing this sport that you stretch and warm up so that no injury occurs when jumping rope. Stretch the upper wrists and lower body. Doing jumping rope can strengthen leg muscles and heart strength.


Doing cardio can be a sport that you can do to strengthen your body muscles and build muscle growth. You can choose certain muscles that you want to enlarge. Many of the cardio moves are simple and don’t require equipment. For example, push ups, pull up squat jumps and so on. Generally, cardio exercise is done with reps to make it more leverage. If you have a dumbbell or dumbbell, of course, you can add variety to this one sporting movement

Those are some types of sports that you can do at home. Stay in shape during quarantine. Don’t let limited activities make you lazy to keep your body in shape. The sports above are just a few alternatives that you can do. Choose a sport that suits your comfort. Keep clean after doing sports so that the virus does not easily attack your body. Good luck.