5 Health and Environmental Benefits of Planting Trees

If you own a garden, you may decide to enrich your garden with trees. There are strategic places to plant these trees in your garden.

You can plant at the edge of your garden or the center of your garden. This will offer you a great time to relax, connect with nature, and feel at ease. The calming effect of this is what some people need sometimes. You can even read the social benefits of planting trees in your garden on Collected.Reviews.

Many energy companies advocate the planting of trees. They have genuine reasons for their conscious advocacy. You would discover that even in places where trees are hewn down for building materials, it is always advised that another tree be planted. This is because deforestation could be the start of something negative, and also affect the balance of the biological systems the world thrives on.

The following are some of the benefits of planting trees for the environment:

1.   Trees Reduce the Extent of Climate Change:

The contribution of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the biggest problems the world deals with today. However, trees absorb the carbon dioxide that humans emit and help in releasing the oxygen that humans breathe in. Trees are like survival tools for humans because they produce oxygen. Imagine that humans breathe out carbon dioxide and have limited oxygen to breathe in. The world will be plunged into a disaster.

2.   Trees Purify the Air:

Trees help in absorbing pollutants like nitrogen oxides, ammonia, ozone, sulfur dioxide, and a few other pollutant gases that roam the air. Through this, a mature acre or tree annually provides adequate oxygen for over 18 people according to statistics by science. Trees also absorb heat and offer shades for roads.

3.   Trees Offer Natural Air Conditioning:

Have a tree in front of your house. During the hottest time of the year, you would experience a natural warmth from the fresh air that billows the tree. This is because there is an air conditioning feature in the tree that both environmentalists and architects don’t ignore or underestimate. This is why some people advise the use of green roofs for the incorporation of vegetation in the home. To have a cool atmosphere, plant more trees.

4.   Trees Help to Prevent Water Pollution:

You can find nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants in stormwater. This is because, in the absence of trees, stormwater finds its path into oceans without being filtered or sieved. With trees, there is a break in water before it seeps into the soil which reduces the pollutants it naturally has. Also, trees offer shelter to wildlife. Each tree serves as home to wildlife like bees, squirrels, monkeys, birds, etc.

5.   It is a Renewable Energy Source:

As the world experiences the problems of fossil fuels, trees offer better sustainable energy solutions. With trees, one can enjoy a green source of energy and also manage a healthy universe.

Through these benefits, the course for the planting of trees has increased. It has also led to the provision of seeds to some households for free.